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Friday, June 13, 2008

Stuffed steak grilled to perfection

Being a fan of Rachael Ray has taught me one thing and that is with a little imagination and love there is no dish that cannot be made. This is a recipe i watched on her show last week but i made a little change to it, i marinated it before grilling it.

Requirements :-
Flank steak - 1
baby spinah leaves - big bunch
Steak seasoning
Salt to taste
Two types of cheese - i used gorgonzola and feta - half a cup each crumbled
Bamboo skewers - soaked in water

It is very simple and yummy to eat too.
1. Take a carving knife and slit the steak carefully in the middle making it a big piece make sure you don't cut it in half. It has to be slit so that we can stuff it, roll it and grill it.
2. Rub salt, pepper and the steak seasoning on both sides and let it marinate for an hour atleast in the refrigerator.
3. Now make sure the steak is in room temperature, put the spinach followed by the crumble cheese spread all over.
4. Carefully roll it into a big roll, make sure it is rolled tight.
5. Now stick in the bamboo skewers leaving a little space in between them.
6. Use a sharp knife to cut it up into 4 or 6 servings as you think is required.
7. Do not remove the skewers.
8. Heat the grilling pan and spray some olive oil. When hot add the steak pieces oe by one.
9. Don't disturb it. Let it cook well one side before you turn it over otherwise it will tear and stick to the pan too.
10. Serve hot with coleslaw or salad of choice.

You can either make it as a meal or as a starter too..

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