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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mango Milkshake

From my childhood days i have always looked forward for summer as thats the time when we get mango of various kinds and the smell of it would be wonderful. I used to ask mom to make mango milkshake all the time and she also used to make it. Its very simple and very cooling too. Normally mango is considered as a heaty fruit so adding milk to it is a very good option.

Ripe mango - skinned and cut to pieces - 3
Whole milk - cold 1 cup
Sugar - as per individual requirement
Ice cubes - 3 cups

In a blender first crush the ice and sugar together and then add the mango.
Run the blender well so that no pieces are left and now pour the milk and pulse it a few times.
Serve chilled and u can also add a few pieces of mango in it while serving.
It is very filling and if you don't have whole milk you can use whatever you have.
I am sending this to Sangeeth's Calcium Rich Event


Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Mango milkshake is my fav. Love it .. YUM!

skribles said...

yummy chilled mango milkshake ... refreshing for the summer!

Aartee said...

thank you both very much! u guys should add ur favorite drink for the summer splash on the blog!

Brindha said...

Hey instead of sugar try it with jaggery, coconut milk and a pinch of salt. This is how they do it in Mangalore. :) Try it and let me know.