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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spicy Chili

I've had chili only once and i had been wanting to try it out. So last week i thought of making it for lunch as it is a filling dish and mostly made with sirloin or turkey. Eat a bowl full and you won't be hungry for a longtime and most of all its a one vessel recipe...I made it with ground chicken and it did taste good too!

Ground chicken - 1/2 lb
Chopped onion - 1 medium
Jalapenos - 3 chopped (or as per choice of spice)
Tomato paste - 8 oz
Chicken broth - 2 cups
Garlic cloves - 2 chopped
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Hot sauce (Tabasco) - 1 tsp
White kidney beans - 1 can
Chili powder -1 tsp
Pepper powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking - 1 tbsp
Any cooking wine - 1/2 cup (i prefer dry sherry)
Cilantro - a handful chopped
For garnish - chopped green onions or cheddar cheese(any cheese of choice)

The time to prepare is very less and the longer you allow it to simmer, more flavorful it becomes.
1.In a deep non-stick dish pour the oil and once its hot add the chopped garlic, onions and the jalapenos and let it cook well
2.Add the ground meat and stir it for 5minutes
3.Now add the wine and a little salt and pepper
4.Let the wine reduce and now add the cumin powder, chili powder, pepper powder and stir for a minute or two
5. Pour in the broth followed by the tomato paste and the hot sauce along with salt
6. Once it reaches boiling point add the kidney beans and the cilantro
7. Let it simmer for a while and serve it hot with tortilla chips or feta bread.
If u don't want it to be very thick you can add another cup of broth to it.

Chicken is one that can be used to make any kind of dish and never get disappointed.
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shriya said...

Arthi thanks for participating the contest. Good luck with your entry. The recipe is so good and it looks yummy.

meeso said...

I love chicken chili, your version sounds really good :)