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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Uppuma is one of the easiest tiffins we make regularly. It is made with vermicilli or sooji,the ingredients & method is the same.Vermicilli is also called semiya.


1. Finely chopped onions
2. Chopped green chillies
3. Chopped ginger
4. Curry leaves
5. Vermicilli/ Sooji
6. Coriander leaves chopped
7. Cashew nut chopped(optional)
8. Salt

In a pot start boiling water. In a kadai pour a little cooking oil along with a half spoon of ghee, once it gets hot put in a little mustard, urad dhal, bengal gram & curry leaves. Once it sputters add the chopped ginger,green chillies & onions and fry till almost cooked add one and a half cups of vermicilli / sooji and cashewnuts and fry well. Before pouring in the boiling water add salt mix well and then pour the water little by little till it gets cooked. Once it is ready put it in the chopped coriander(it is optional).
Serve it hot with coconut chutney.
P.S. - The sooji uppuma should be broken fast otherwise it would form lumps.

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