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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rice Kheer

It is the easiest kheer to make without having to spend too much time around it. Vivek and my son love this kheer and the mild pink color is so warm. Rice kheer is not a very heavy sweet either so it is a sweet that can be made anytime.


Basmati Rice (or any long rice) - 5 tbspn
Milk - 1 ltr
Sugar - as required for taste
Cardamam - Powdered
Cashewnuts - Broken and fried in ghee or butter


In a pressure cooker pour the milk and boil it with the sugar required (keep stirring until u r sure that the milk is not getting burnt at the bottom of the cooker). While the milk in boiling wash the rice and soak it in water for a while. Once the milk boils add the rice and stir it for a while. Then add the cardamam powder and close the cooker. Once the vapour starts to get released put the weight and let the whistle blow once then let it cook on low flame for 15 mins.
Do not open the cooker immediately, the longer u let the cooker stay closed the kheer will get its pink color. After you open the cooker add the fried cashewnuts and serve. Can also add Almonds if cashewnuts are not available

This will serve around 6 cups.

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