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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dearest's Birthday

Last week was my husband's birthday and it was fun making a few new dishes for him. He loved all the dishes. Over the weekend we went to our friend's place for lunch and we cut a birthday cake for him. On his birthday I did run in the morning to pick up his birthday gift and all the ingredients for dinner.
All the recipes that I tried were all first time attempts and they did turn out to be good.

Made three appetizers and the recipe for the first two are from Sig's LiveToEat blog. She has quite a lot of good recipes.

Spicy Pan Seared Scallops and I did marinate for a few hours and it was cooked perfectly too.

Spicy Pop Corn Chicken was also nice, needed a little more spice.

Grilled Shrimp:
I had around half a pound of fresh florida shrimp and I couldn't resist, so I marinated them in:-
Worcestershire Sauce
Hot sauce - a few drops
Lemon Juice
Covered and kept it in the fridge for a few hours. In a non stick skillet, a few drops of oil and when hot add the shrimp and cook for until opaque and fully cooked. Do not over cook it as it will become rough. I served it with the Chimmichuri sauce and it was good.



Both the above recipes are also from Sig's blog. She had made the saffron rice in the microwave but I made it in the rice cooker and I added a few fried cashewnuts too. The Lamb curry needed a little more heat, overall both these were a big hit with Vivek.


Made Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles, and I took them on Sunday for our lunch with friends. The recipe was from FoodNetwork. It was a little on the strong side for us, maybe I will use less rum and less sugar next time.

Chili Chocolate Covered Strawberries, also from FoodNetwork. It needs more chili powder other than it was really nice.
Mousse au Chocolat from Tasty Treats by JZ. This was Vivek's favorite dessert. I would prefer to use semi-sweet chocolate along with the bitter sweet chocolates. I served it with white and semisweet chocolate shavings. This is the only dish that I didn't get a picture of. Next time I will surely take one and post it.


Sig said...

Belated happy birthday to Vivek. Glad all the dishes turned out good. You guys must really love your food extra spicy, I guess.. :) People always tells me that they cut down the spice level in my recipes to almost half to suit their palettes, this is the first time I am hearing that someone had to add more. :)

Aartee said...

oh yeah we love spicy food, but most of the time I always cook less spicy then my 4yr old will never touch the food.

meeso said...

Yum, he must have had a great birthday!

Valarmathi said...

Hope u both had a wonderful time. Lovely dishes, looks yummy.