I ain't good at drawing but I can say with confidence that I can cook quite well and make everyone happy, with a good meal. Cooking is an art and with passion & Love for it we can create so many wonderful dishes....Loving it everytime...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mixed fruits for the baby

The look of being satisfied with what she was being fed, I was all pumped up to prepare her fruit mix too.
Cranberries dried

Boil the cranberries and raisins in boiling water for 5mins and let it soak it all up. Skin and chop the apple, pear and banana and steam cook them together till they are well done.Add a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice on top of the fruits to avoid discoloration of the fruits. In the food processor first mince the cranberry and raisin mixture till smooth. Now add the cooked fruits and puree everything together.The whole house is smelling of fruits now.........

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