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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby food....mixed vegetables

Giving our kids the best nutrition has always been our priority. When my son completed 4 months his doctor told me to start giving him solids and that I could start making them at home. Well that time I didnt read much about the variety that I could prepare so I worked with the methods that my MIL taught me and was glad that I had the help. She was not happy with the words no salt and no sugar until he completed twelve months.

Now when Diya completed her 4 months her doctor said that I could start the solids but nothing home made until her 6 months were completed. Even she doesn't get salt or sugar until she turns 1 year old. So we have been giving her Gerber, BeechNut, Earth's Best and Yummy In My Tummy baby food along with the baby cereals. This time I started to read on baby food and that it was ok to combine vegetables and cook. The books did have a lot of options. I kinda just wanted to make a blend of what I had at hand. Now she prefers solids more than milk. She loves to drink juice and water a lot, which is a relief as some of the kids I know give trouble to drink water.
She completed her 6 months last friday and since she had her shots done and was fussy, I didn't bother to start with something that she was not familiar with. Today I steam cooked a few vegetables for her. And it does smell great and am I did give it a taste and it wasn't bad at all.
Steam cooking the vegetables is the best method to avoid losing the nutrients.
The vegetables that I cooked today are:-
French Beans
Sweet potatoes

Steam cooked all together till they were completely cooked and minced them in the processor while they were still warm. Poured them individual serving size containers and refrigirated them and have to put them in the freezer. Now all I have to do is wait and see how much she likes them........

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