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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vegas here I come!

After moving to Miami, we visited Key West with Vivek's friends. So I can say that we haven't had a vacation this year for just the three of us. Las Vegas and Grand Canyon are two of the places I had been wanting to visit and so here we are with the tickets in hand and all bookings done all set to go on a 8 day vacation which I would say is a long vacation for us. Our previous vacation was our 2 week trip to Europe in 2006, and Arya was just 7 months old that time.

For the past two weeks Vivek has been insisting that I hit the gym as there is a lot of walking to do and well he also has started to go too.. . I am not sure, how Arya is gonna handle it as he has never been away from home for such a long time and now as he is gonna turn 3, he has started to ask a lot of questions, "what is that?" and very demanding. I only hope that the trip doesn't drive him crazy and he me! I really want him to enjoy this trip.

I started the packing today and I am going crazy with the stuff that I need to carry along. Shall let you guys know all about it once I get back in 8days, even though the duration is short we all are looking forward towards it, and a break for V from his busy schedule. For the past few days Arya has been asking me, "ellarum plane poroma?"

So see you all in a few days time, and I shall share more recipes with you all. Have fun ladies and take care!


Mrs.Kannan said...

OMG...I envy you....The only place left in our US trip..i was longing to go to LA,LV,Grand Canyon...As am in my 7th month i can;t go anywhere,anyways Enjoy the trip...Hope your kid will enjoy it too..

Anne said...

Enjoy yourselves - have a nice trip. You just have to adjust and adapt to Aarya's whims and fancies and then all will be well.

Shri said...

Have fun!!Some surprise is awaiting for you in my blog

shriya said...

Aartee looks like another award waiting for you in :-)