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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Variety Rice Week

This week I was bored of making curries and sabjis, so we decided that it will be variety rice this whole week. We started with peas pulao in coconut milk on monday with chicken & potato sidedish. Tuesday was Tomato Rice with minced raita and egg. Today's lunch has coconut rice and prawns masala. For tomorrow its gonna be lemon rice with potato fry. Friday i am not sure if we are gonna be home for lunch, but if we are i will surely let you know!
My brother-in-law is a fun loving person who is funny and a great person too. He is very outspoken and great to be with too. Arya is very fond of his periyappa and periyamma and his cousins yash and yuvan. The only person my son loves to speak to on the phone is his periyamma and he is always ready to give her a call any time of the day. His family is in India on vacation and being long weekend he is coming over for three days. I am very fond of everyone at my inlaws place and they are loving and caring people. All the time that I have spent with them has always been wonderful and I am lucky to be a part of this wonderful family.
Last time we met him was when he had come over for our son's birthday party last november. This weekend we are gonna be out seeing places and V and I have got tickets for Dasavadaram. We will be going for the movie without Arya and we haven't done anything without him in a long time. Well off I go today to do the grocery shopping today, ofcourse once Arya is up from his nap. By next week i will add in the recipes for the above.
As for the Summer Splash event, hurry up and send in your entries!

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