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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Topping

Since I am just starting now after so long decided to write up a recipe which is easy and sweet.
A friend of mine a few months back had told me about this warm topping for icecreams and it did taste great...
Once you try this you will not need to add syrups to your icecream ever...

You will need:-

Any sweet apple - skinned and chopped fine - 5 cups
Brown sugar - 2 cups (or as per ur sweet tooth demands)
Nutmeg powder - a few pinch
Dry toasted coconut flakes small sized - 1/4 cup optional
Butter - 1/4 cup


In a non stick pan  melt the butter and add the chopped apples and let them cook on medium flame till almost tender.
Add the brown sugar and let it mix well and melt. Make sure the heat is maintained at medium or low only.
Once the water evaporates and it starts to soften well add the nutmeg powder and mix and remove from heat.
You can add the toasted coconut flakes on top when it cools down.
Serve it warm on any icecream that you love.
It goes well with toasted bread too....

I will add a picture for it once I make a second batch of it sometime...

Bon Apetite and don't blame me if you get cavities after eating this, as you are not gonna stop with just a small spoon of it. Have fun...