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Friday, May 31, 2013

Break your fast

Everybody knows the importance of having a good breakfast, since its the meal after a break of more than 6 hours. But many of us forget about it and just go about our morning routine with just the morning jolt of coffee.
A good breakfast will keep you energetic and make your day much better. Some things to remember for your morning.

An egg in the morning is good and for those on a diet plan eating one in the morning, will help you eat at least 100 calories during the day.

Drink your hot beverage after you've had a drink of water in the morning.

Keep a banana or apple or some cut fruits or something easily accessible as you are going about your morning routine of getting kids ready and their lunch bags.

Try to have your breakfast within an hour of waking up. I try to keep some cut fruits next to me while I go about my morning chores. This keeps my hunger in check and I can easily decide my morning breakfast.

Its okay to eat a fruit along with our Indian breakfast. I prefer to eat the fruit before the meal so that I eat less calories during each meal.

The easiest breakfast that I love is :-
crispy plain toasted whole grain or wheat bread - 2 slices
Cut banana
Crunchy peanut butter.
Spread peanut butter on warm bread, place the cut banana inside and eat it. Its a complete breakfast and you wont need to eat anything for at least 3 hours after that (depending on your activities).

If you wish you can either drink a glass of fresh juice or eat a fruit. I prefer to eat fruit rather than drink juice.

Remember a goo start in the morning is very important and that will keep all systems in check too.

Happy tummy provides happy face too... Its like when we say "the baby looks happy when tummy is full". Its the same concept for adults too. Don't miss your breakfast it ain't worth it...

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